"Capturing an image, freezing a moment in time, reveals how rich our reality truly is."


Photography tells a story through a combination of the world you see in front of the camera, and the unique view of the person behind the lens.  Born and raised beside the rugged coastal landscape of Maine,  from an early age, photography became the natural conduit for expressing April's vision—exemplifying her wonder of life, of exploring the character & seasons of people, and of nature.  

April has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.  As a photographer, she is always searching, always watching, for that glimpse of the extraordinary—whether it be the meditative silence of the dawn light, the drama of wind and light as they embrace clouds and landscapes, the raw and dynamic nature of the sea, or the intensity of the human gaze. 

With each photograph, her desire is to capture that transcendent moment in time, and to share her vision so others can see the world as she does—full of color, texture, beauty, depth, character and emotion.

April's newest series — "The Edge of Light:  Pacific Seascapes", focuses on the ever-changing aesthetic of light.  "Twilight creates some of the most ethereal & beautiful landscapes imaginable.  Working on the edge of this light, as day transitions into night, surreal, haunting colors & movement are visible.....if only for a few moments.  It is my passion to reveal these moments of wonder & grandeur."

April studied photography at the Los Angeles Center of Photography and specializes in Fine Art, Portraiture, Commercial & Editorial Photography.

She now lives in Colorado with her husband and three children. 


Artist Eye Gallery, Laguna Beach, California

March 2019 — September 2019 


Member — Los Angeles Center of Photography

American Society of Media Photographers

Orange County Fine Arts

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